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Teen saves dad after accident

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BLOOMINGTON, Ind. (AP) — A man whose leg was partially severed by a propeller after he was thrown from his boat was rescued by his teenage son, who pulled him from the water in an act of strength that amazed police.

The accident happened on Lake Monroe as Merle K. Pickel, 49, of Bloomington, was operating a boat he had been working on, followed in another boat by his son, Andrew Pickel, 17.

The teen told officers his father was thrown into the water when Merle Pickel's boat lurched to the left. The boat's propeller struck Pickel's right leg below the knee.

State conservation officer Marlin Dodge said it was remarkable that the teen was able to pull his father, who was not wearing a life jacket, into his boat.

"I asked him, and he thinks adrenaline just took over," Dodge said.

Merle Pickel, who has an optometry practice east of Bloomington in Nashville, underwent surgery to remove the lower portion of his leg.