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Comments from readers strongly support transit

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Over the past week, Deseret Morning News readers were asked to give their opinions about whether revenue from a quarter-cent sales-tax increase for transportation improvements in Salt Lake County should go to roads or transit. All but one who responded said they wanted the money spent on transit.

Some of the reader comments:

Martin Denison: "Since we are just a hurricane season or global international event away from another gas-price spike, we need to prioritize more efficient transportation systems than one person per automobile. West-side corridor roads are important to alleviate congestion but should not displace TRAX spur lines or commuter rail."

Angelo Papastamos, Utah Department of Transportation, context sensitive solutions director: "Transit projects more than highway but good/sound highway projects that improve quality of life."

John Visser: "I think the money should go to transit first, with the airport line being the first of the new lines to be completed, followed by the (South) Jordan extension and then the West Valley."

Bill Tibbitts, director of the Anti-Hunger Action Committee: "The growth of rail projects is important, but it should not be done by taking money away from bus service."

M.C.: "Spend the money to extend TRAX. It is needed north to Ogden, south to Provo or even beyond, and also, it is badly needed to the west, including to the airport."

Russ Blood: "My opinion is that the money needs to be spent first on roads."