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Hints from Heloise: Shoe holder is great on trips

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Dear Heloise: I am such a big fan of yours! I have incorporated many of your hints into my everyday life. I was checking out your site today (www.Heloise.com) and found the hint for storing household cleaning supplies in a see-through shoe holder.

I also use that hint with bottles of ketchup, mustard, dressing, spices, etc. But my biggest use for the shoe holder is when my family travels.

We are a Navy family with many hotel and temporary-lodging nights under our belts. There never seems to be enough counter or drawer space. So, I keep a shoe holder (the kind with the holders on the front and back, and it has a coat-hanger-style hook) with our luggage at all times.

When we get to the lodging, my two daughters know that their shoes go in the bottom, and shampoo, curling iron and other toiletries go in the top. And I have even been known to put nightgowns and underwear in there instead of in drawers so they are convenient for when showering.

I hope that someone else will find this hint useful and it will make traveling with families a little easier. — Sharon Farley, via e-mail

Your hint would even come in handy at home for those who share a bathroom and have a lot of things to use. — Heloise

Here is a travel hint I received from David Sayre while in Hawaii a few years ago doing a speech for the Society of American Travel Writers:

"Pack your T-shirts/underwear in your shoes to give you more room in the suitcase and to protect your shoes from being crushed." — Heloise

Dear Heloise: I read a hint in the paper recently about cleaning glass shower doors and/or walls with vinegar. Vinegar is a very good cleaner for glass. However, if you have real marble walls or floor, the acid in the vinegar will make it crack and scale. Not pretty! — J.R.W., via e-mail

You are right! Remember that vinegar, lemon or any cleaning product containing citric acid should not be used on real marble. — Heloise

Here are two hints from Susan DeJaiffe of Greensburg, Pa.:

I hate when the drain stopper is left in the laundry-room sink and the sink fills up. Reaching down through all the dirty water to pull the plug was one of my least-favorite things to do. While I was taking my arm out of my sweater to reach down in the water one more time, I noticed a small plunger on the floor. Not having a lot to lose, I tried "plunging" the drain stopper out, and it worked like a charm. Best of all, my arm stayed dry!

I keep an inexpensive butterfly net by each door. When a bee, moth or fly gets in the house, I catch it in the net and release it outside. It's nicer for the insect, and no splattered bug guts in the house.

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