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Fridge won’t last forever — plan ahead

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Don't wear it out, use it up, or make do or do without ... without also having an alternative plan, a backup tool or a spare part!

I am learning there are many times when I'm simply not prepared for the inevitable challenges life brings. I think you know what I mean.

We believe our lawn mower will run forever even though it is blowing black smoke, or we wear a favorite pair of pants until the back seams rips open during the wash cycle, or we nurse a refrigerator along hoping that it won't break anytime soon. While I am all for duct tape, baling wire and the miracles of creative repairs, I also believe we must be thinking ahead.

While you continue to use your ailing lawn mower, wouldn't it be smart to be thinking ahead a little? If your pants are getting a little thin on the rear, what will you do if they wear through and there isn't time for a shopping trip? And if the fridge is on its last legs, what will be the next appliance you will choose?

We all have several of these trusted tools, treasured clothing and comfortable habits in our lives. At least, if you are like the many people that I coach, you do. So how can you better prepare for the eventual "death" of something that has served you well for a long time?

You see, it is better to get ready now and know what the next step will be instead of waiting and worrying. Is your refrigerator starting to make funny sounds? Maybe a trip to the library or a session on the internet to learn about current refrigerator technology would help. Or maybe an evening window shopping for refrigerators might be wise. Then, if and when the fridge does bite the dust, you are ready to purchase with confidence.

If a classic piece of clothing is beginning to wear thin, it is time to begin looking for another. If the lawn needs to stay trimmed, a potential replacement might best be chosen when the engine begins smoking. It is always best to be "at your leisure" when you purchase new tools and treasures. Better decisions are made that way.

So this week, as you work through your routines, walk through your daily schedule, and otherwise find items that you regularly rely on, ask "What if? How will I? What will we do?"

It will be easier that way, and you will feel even more in charge of several small areas of your time and your life. Good luck!

Marie C. Ricks is a motivational speaker and the author of the "House of Order Handbook" and other home management materials. To order her products, offer comments, suggestions or questions, go to www.houseoforder.com. © Marie Calder Ricks/House of Order