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Donor helps center stay afloat in Logan

SHARE Donor helps center stay afloat in Logan

LOGAN — An anonymous donor is helping to keep the Cache Valley Multicultural Center open.

Thousands of donations have come to the center since it announced in January a lack of funding may force its closure.

But a single donor has been pumping the center with cash, giving $1,000 monthly and this week, matching a $10,000 contribution from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, center director Leo Bravo said.

The donor also plans to increase monthly contributions to match up to $4,000 in overall center donations.

"It will help a great deal," Bravo said. "With his support, we will be able to run things more freely."

A new business plan and a new vision for center services solidified the man's support, said Jack Greene, chairman of the center's fund-raising committee. The center currently offers classes in constitutional rights and will begin driver's education courses in December. Bravo said there are plans to add prenatal care and cooking classes.

Bravo and Greene will say little about the donor's identity.

"This person has a history of working with minority groups in our valley that goes back probably decades," Greene said. "He's one of those individuals who really I guess has an altruistic sense about him."