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Rethink affirmative action

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John Florez's column on immigration and civility (Nov. 21) calls for thoughtful response. I agree we should try harder to get along. I meet many Latino kids during my runs along the Jordan River. Many of them speak Spanish as their first language, and most are the nicest, well-mannered kids you would ever want to meet. The problem with race relations is that heavy immigration from Mexico is occurring against a backdrop of U.S. social engineering (affirmative action). The response of many Americans, especially white males, is "Oh, great! Another group behind whom I must stand waiting for a job."

Affirmative action must be revisited in order to normalize race relations. Absent affirmative action, Americans have little to fear from immigration, as labor supply tends to create its own demand. Moreover, many immigrants, with their entrepreneurial drive, truly are assets.

Lew E. Jeppson

Salt Lake City