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Quotable: McGwire for the Hall?

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"Short answer on McGwire is: No. I will not vote for any admitted or highly suspected steroid user until more time passes and more information is uncovered." — Scott Miller, CBS Sportsline.com.

"I do not plan on voting for McGwire this year. I believe the totally positive accomplishments of Ripken and Gwynn for over two decades in the game should stand alone this year and be left separated from any controversy. I will consider McGwire in the future." — Bill Center, The San Diego Union-Tribune.

"I turned in my Baseball Writers' card this year, specifically so I wouldn't have to vote on cheaters after possibly already having voted in cheaters without knowing so, because there was no steroids testing at the time." — Dave Newhouse, The Oakland (Calif.) Tribune.

"I'm going to vote for him. I can't say I feel good about voting for him ... Just as baseball allowed Gaylord Perry to go out and cheat his way to 300 wins — which got him to the Hall of Fame — it allowed McGwire and all of these players to compile their stats and break their records and earn their money and accolades based on those feats." — Jayson Stark, ESPN.