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Fans chime in on naming BYU’s play

SHARE Fans chime in on naming BYU’s play

Scattershooting a slug of nominations for a label for the John Beck-to-Jonny Harline pass, while someone at lunch suggested The EnergySolutions Arena name be shortened to The Detox Center ...

BYU's football players kind of like "The Answered Prayer," for a nickname for the Beck-to-Harline pass that lifted the Cougars to a 33-31 win over Utah. Because of a photo depicting Harline on his knees waiting for the ball, they believe it fits.

Many readers have suggested nicknames with religious overtones. Others were a little corny. Well, folks tried.

For the record, I don't think God cares who wins football games.

Readers throughout the country responded this week about the need for a label for last Saturday's final play in Rice-Eccles Stadium that ended BYU's four-game losing streak to the Utes.

Here is a sampling of labels for a play in a game one could call "Molested by the Invested."

From Shawn Causland in LaVerkin: "Beck's Short Bomb," "Beck's Forever and a Play," "Scoot and Shoot," "Beck's Wander-Full Pass" and "Beck to Harline — Football's Pick and Roll."

From Richard Sheffield, Provo: "The Beckoning."

From Rich Lloyd, a Ute fan in Kansas City: "'The Uncalled Ineligible' — so named for the three BYU linemen who were downfield at the time the pass was completed but not called for it.

"'The Immaculate Hold' — so named for the mysterious lack of holding on BYU all day despite them being one of the most penalized teams in the conference all year.

"'Mr. Untouchable's Catch' — so named for the fact that Harline apparently could not be within three feet of any Ute defender without it being called pass interference."

From John Graves: "How about 'No Defender to Remember?"'

From BYU fan Chuck Bird in Escondido, Calif.: "'The MOMENT the Earth Stood Still' or 'The Longest 12 Seconds in College Football."'

From Shaleen Ford: "This is my choice for the name of the Beck-to-Harline pass that finished the game. It seems fitting to me as it closed the game out. A beautiful image to this BYU fan. 'The Closing Prayer."'

From John Price of La Mesa, Calif.: "The Beck Prayer Rope."

From Chris Shiraki, taking note of Harline on both knees: "How about 'The Answer."'

From Dennis Stone: "Hey, how about simply the 'John-Jon' or does that sound too much like an outhouse? Anyway, I wish there were some way I could actually have seen the pass, (and the whole game) up here in Calgary."

From Rodney Polson: "Let's call it 'The Touchdown.' The phrase 'The Pass' is already taken by California I believe, and this is the touchdown that got the monkey off of the back of BYU."

From Tyler Sharp: "Everyone knows about 'The Shot' with M.J. 'The Catch' with Montana-to-Clark is unforgettable. I think this one ought to be known simply as 'The Pass.' It wasn't Harline that made such a great catch. He was left all alone in the end zone with no one around him. Any BYU receiver could have made that catch. However, it was 'The Pass' that made the moment so great. This was a play caught in time that every Cougar fan (young and old and those that haven't been born yet) will be talking about for generations to come known simply as 'The Pass."'

From Matthew Wilson: "For the play, I propose the following nickname: 'The Scramble.' That name has the simplicity of Dwight Clark's 'The Catch' and John Elway's 'The Drive."'

From Anthony Famulary: "Hail Jonny Pass."

From David Liggett of Englewood, Colo.: "The J-J Express" and "A Hope and a Prayer."

From Bob Herrick: "How about just 'The Throw'? I doubt there are five quarterbacks in the NFL with arms strong enough to make that throw under those conditions."

From Steve Kuykendall, Sarasota Springs: "'The Wounded Duck" — he (Beck) draws all of the players right because he is apparently going down, and all the wolves want to be in on the kill.

"'The Reverse Screen' — the end stays put and the QB moves away from the target to convince the defender he won't pass their way.

"'Beck's Diversion' — same reason.

"'The Red-Herring Play' — Beck presents a false idea — that he's going down. In reality, he's drawing the defender away so he can hit his man.

"And 'Quarterback Distraction Play,' 'Mock Suicide Play,' 'The Beck Bait Play,' 'The Beck Lure Play' and 'The Mousetrap Play."'

From Tom Norman in the Northwest: "I timed it, too. I called it '12 1/2 Seconds to Glory."'

And, finally, from Doug Whitt: "The pass that beat the school that calls BYU 'The team down south' does not need a name. To honor the Utes by naming the play that beat them one year in five is too much.

"It was a great play in a football game against Utah. That's all. Beating Utah did not make BYU's season, it just added one more win to the record books and keeps the Cougars on course prior to the bowl game in a few weeks.

"Greater honor for the play bestows too much honor on the Utes. Beating Utah should not be such a spectacular feat that we bestow names upon the plays. "

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