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Obituary: Donna Maye (Mathews) Wierz

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Donna Maye (Mathews) Wierz 1925 ~ 2006 On November 1, 2006, the whole world changed with the passing of a solitary daughter of God, yet the world of man impossibly continued without missing a beat. On this earth she was one of the Lord's own, a valiant soul incomparable, who though she lost her battle with mortality, parted the veil to immortality in shining glory, and stepped forward bravely into the loving arms of those who were waiting there. On that day an angel of unlimited potential joined Heavenly Father's host and trumpets sounded, and the whole of Heaven was magnified in the light from her angelic smile. Donna Maye Mathews was born to Alton J. Mathews and Annie Gertrude Holladay on 01-Oct-1925 in Salt Lake City, Utah. Born into a family rich in pioneer stock, she found particular pleasure as a youth roaming the hills of Panaca, Nevada with her father. Following her father's untimely passing, the little family returned to Salt Lake City, where in 1950, she met and married her eternal companion, Eric Wierz, for time and all eternity, and who will share her joy in the covenant of the first resurrection. She lived her life as that best conversationalist, ensuring the comfort of others and always interested in the welfare of strangers and friends alike. No matter the challenge, she faced life courting the positive, culturing the best in all people through Christ-like devotion. A brilliant author content to reserve her talent for the entertainment and enjoyment of her own siblings and children, she also loved music and played the piano (despite keeping questionable time). Temporarily absent the burden of a mortal body the strength of which her spirit had long since outstripped, she is undoubtedly engaged in the work that was her gift, that of nurturing souls who in this life were weighed down and wearied by the world. For who could resist the Light of Christ that shone in her countenance? In mortality, she cried for your children, she grieved for all those lost in tragedy, her sorrows were your sorrows, she loved unashamed, and she was the first to step forward with arms full of groceries even when it meant leaving her own cupboards bare. Amazingly intelligent and well-read, she found sport in trading barbs and double-entendres with the best of them, but was content in even in the most mundane service. She loved chocolate, but family gatherings were her true delight, like a kid in a candy store. Her husband, Eric Wierz, her sister JoAnn Anderson, her brother Donald J. Mathews, her daughters Ricki Wilson and Lynda Ritter, survive her and miss her with a fierceness that defies mortal comprehension. Her example to her grandchildren and great-grandchildren is the quiet stuff that family legends are made of. Services are to be held at Mountain View Mortuary Chapel located at 3115 East, 7800 South, Salt Lake City on Thursday, November 9, 2006 at 2:00 p.m. with interment immediately following service. Please call the mortuary at (801)943-0831 for viewing information.