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Good Samaritan robbed at gunpoint

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A good Samaritan who thought he was helping two men broken down on the side of the road ended up being robbed at gunpoint Sunday.

The man was driving near 900 West and 2600 South about noon when he was flagged down by two other men. When the driver stopped to offer assistance, the two men jumped in his car.

"One man jumped in the back seat, the other in the front seat. The man in the front seat pulled a gun and put it to (the driver's) head," said South Salt Lake police Capt. Tracy Tingey.

A fight inside the car ensued after the driver refused to take them anywhere, Tingey said. The driver was punched at least once. The men took two cell phones, a small amount of cash and threatened to kill the driver if he told police what had happened, before exiting the vehicle.

Police said good Samaritans should take precautions to stay safe, such as not rolling down the window, keeping the doors locked and offering to call police for assistance.