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Limbeck showing off drummer

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Limbeck's latest album, "Let Me Come Home," has a country-punk feel.

Limbeck’s latest album, “Let Me Come Home,” has a country-punk feel.

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Limbeck took some time to find its own sound, according to guitarist Patrick Carrie.

"We were all in the pop-punk of the Lookout Records sound," Carrie said, referring to Green Day and Operation Ivy's original record label. "It was a cool scene and they had a lot of cool bands. And while those bands weren't intimidating, they were well-respected.

"All through my high school days, I'd be in bands that tried to mimic that sound. And when Limbeck got together, that's what we wanted to do."

But the band's latest album, "Let Me Come Home," is on the country-punk side of the scene, reminiscent of Wilco. In fact, Jayhawks' guitarist Gary Louris served as producer.

"We're happy with the sound we have now," Carrie said by phone while on the road between Dallas, Texas, and Little Rock, Ark. "And we're still looking for our big break."

Until then, Carrie and the band — which includes vocalist/guitarist Robb MacLean, bassist Justin Entsminger and new drummer Jon Phillip — are happy touring and making albums.

"Touring is always great," said Carrie. "And we're looking forward to recording a full album with Jon. He joined us last year after the last album was finished.

"We had known Jon for a couple of years. Every time we'd play in Milwaukee, his band would open for us. And when we found we needed a drummer, we asked him if he could do the job."

Phillip only had one day to learn Limbeck's catalog. "We got together and that first rehearsal we went through 80 percent of our songs," said Carrie. "It was great, and we knew he'd work out for us."

To introduce Limbeck fans to Phillip's drumming, the band is releasing an untitled five-or-six-track extended-play CD in a few weeks. "We hope to have it ready when we get to Salt Lake City. It's a little on the acoustic side, but it shows Jon's drumming. We recorded the songs in my living room at the end of last year."

The EP is also a chance for the band to give a shout out to its fans, Carrie said. "Every year we see more people coming to our shows. Our fan base has gotten bigger, and we're at a point where our girlfriends don't have to pay for things we need anymore."

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