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Bill that would help alleviate NCLB costs passes committee

SHARE Bill that would help alleviate NCLB costs passes committee

Teachers could be getting help in meeting No Child Left Behind's highly-qualified teacher requirements in a measure that would set aside money to help them get National Board Certifications.

HB285, sponsored by Rep. Kory Holdaway, R-Taylorsville, passed the Senate Education Standing Committee Monday and would set aside $500,000 that would be granted to educators to help minimize those teachers' out-of-pocket expenses.

Pam Su'a, a National Board certified history teacher in Jordan school district, said studies have shown that that having a board certified teacher in class room is equivalent to having an extra 25 days in school for students.

"At a time that we are really trying to help our students — national board certification is a proven program that works," Su'a said.

"This will get at providing some funding for improving teacher quality in classroom," said Holdaway. "One of the requirements of NCLB, whether we are happy with it or not, is providing highly qualified teachers."

Su'a said the cost for getting a National Board certification is around $2,500.