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Implement true flat-tax system

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The Utah State Tax Commission and the IRS declare that their missions are to administer and apply tax laws with equity and fairness. Do you believe that our current tax system is equitable and fair?

Consider this scenario: You are waiting in line to purchase a television set. The individual in front of you is buying the same exact item, but when you get up to the counter to pay, you discover that you are being charged $100 more than what the person in front of you paid for it. The clerk tells you that it is going to cost you more solely because you make more money, have fewer children and you don't drive a hybrid automobile. This scenario is exactly how our current tax system works.

If the Utah State Tax Commission and the IRS are serious about applying and administering the tax law with equity and fairness, we need to implement a true flat-tax system. By forcing one class of people to pay a different percentage of tax than another, we are not only punishing those who pursue the American Dream, we are eroding it.

Heath Garner