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Wall Street bonuses, Super Bowl tickets

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Amount Wall Street firms' bonuses hit last year, according to the New York State Comptroller's Office: $21.5 billion

Average bonus given: $125,500

Source: The New York City Office of the Comptroller. Contact Jeffrey Gordon at 518-474-4015 or jgordon@osc.state.ny.us.

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Opening bid for a Pittsburgh Super Bowl ticket at the beginning of the season, an auction in which fans can bid on the tickets should their team make it to the Super Bowl, according to Ticket Reserve: $120

Closing bid for Steelers tickets when the Super Bowl market ended: $1,160

Opening bid for a Seahawks ticket: $43

Closing bid for a Seahawks ticket when the Super Bowl market ended: $1,175

Source: TicketReserve.com. Contact Andy Leach at 847-236-1795 or callcenter@ticketreserve.com

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Percentage of Fortune 1,000 companies and other firms with more than 1,000 employees who say the level of workers' skills has decreased over the past decade, according to a survey by Zogby International: 49

Percentage who anticipate difficulty finding enough educated and skilled workers to fill future jobs: 54

Percentage who say American firms already are disadvantaged when compared to foreign firms based on workers' education: 38

Source: Zogby International. Contact Fritz Wenzel at 315-624-0200 or fritz@zogby.com.

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Percentage of all U.S. adults who say that they have signed up for the Federal Trade Commission's National Do-Not-Call Registry, according to a Harris poll: 76

Percentage of these who say they have received no telemarketing calls since then: 18

Percentage of registered adults who say that they have received some calls but far less than before: 61

Source: Harris Interactive Inc. Contact Kelly Gullo at 585-214-7172 or KGullo@HarrisInteractive.com.

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Average number of years wage and salary workers had been with the same employer in 2004, according to data from the Census Bureau: 4

Percentage of employees who had been with the same employer for 20 years or more: 10

Source: Census Bureau. Contact Mike Bergman at 301-763-3030 or pio@census.gov.

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Percentage of human resource professionals who say there are major differences between what different generations want from their jobs, according to a survey by Sirota Survey Intelligence: 56

Percentage who say they believe people from different cultures and countries want different things from their work: 51

Source: Sirota Survey Intelligence. Contact Sal Vittolino at 610-649-9292, ext. 102, or sal@buchananpr.com.

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Percentage of preschool teachers who said that parents need support and guidance when it comes to learning how their children develop, and that they overemphasize scholastic skills versus social development, according to a national survey of preschool teachers conducted by Horizon Research Corp.: 80

Rank of verbal communication skills, ability to follow directions and ability to participate in group activities as the most important skills for a child's success in preschool, according to the teachers: 1, 2, 3

Rank of color and shape recognition as the skill teachers believe parents think is the most important for success in preschool: 1

Source: Gymboree Play & Music. Contact Sara Black at 323-866-6000 or sara.black@mslpr.com.

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Worldwide mobile gaming revenue for 2005, according to data from eMarketer: $2.5 billion

U.S. revenues from mobile gaming in 2005: $600 million

Projected U.S. revenues from mobile gaming for 2008: $1.5 billion

Source: eMarketer. Contact David Murrow at dmurrow@emarketer.com.

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Percentage of microbusiness owners who say they believe there are adequate funding resources for microbusinesses, according to a survey by the National Association for the Self-Employed: 11

Percentage who say there aren't adequate funding resources for microbusinesses: 77

Percentage of microbusiness owners who used personal savings as their primary source of funding to start their business: 57

Source: National Association for the Self-Employed. Contact Maureen Petron at 202-466-2100 or mpetron@nase.org.

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In an average month, amount 18- to 34-year-olds spend on prescription drugs, according to data from BIGresearch: $28.07

Amount 35- to 54-year-olds spend on prescription drugs in an average month: $54.41

Amount people 55 and over spend on prescription drugs in an average month: $81.94

Source: BIGresearch. Contact Phil Rist at 614-846-0146 or phil@bigresearch.com.

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