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Much anger is feigned

SHARE Much anger is feigned

In reference to Erik Jensen's "anger" (Readers' Forum, Feb. 20) his may well be real. But we should never forget that much of the so-called anger of professional politicians and their acolytes is feigned. If the political shoe were on the other foot, they would likely defend the actions they are now fulminating against. The other side would be in a high dudgeon. Overzealous partisanship and political posturing are among the reasons we get 40 percent to 50 percent turnout at elections.

We should all hold political opinions with some degree of skepticism and humility. Both parties, when in power, have made plenty of mistakes. As Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes put it: "Certitude is not the test of certainty. We have been cock-sure about many things that were not so."

Ronald M. Holdaway