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Toll roads are regressive tax

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Toll roads are more regressive than food tax. To charge a toll for the proposed Mountain West Corridor is to charge the west side, from Salt Lake to Lehi, for decongesting I-15. At least the food tax has been equally administered.

Being able to drive where you need to go without paying a fee is one way our society is equal. Once we start saying, "I don't use it, so let them pay for it," our society becomes a little more selfish and a lot less community-minded. Our taxes pay for roads we don't drive on, educate other people's children, pay for libraries and community centers that we might not use, and fund other programs that help particular groups within our community. That's OK, because we all benefit when people have access to education, transportation, cultural arts and wholesome opportunities to interact.

Do we really want a society where you have to have money just to drive on certain roads? The Utah Truckers Association is correct. People do not have enough information about this issue.

Lori L. Weintz

West Jordan