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Fire ruins almost-finished house

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Mike Johnson, for the Deseret Morning News

Fire crews fight a blaze at 2281 E. Deer Creek Way in Springville Friday. Springville fire officials are still trying to determine why the almost-finished house went up in flames. Neighbors of the house called police just before 7 a.m. when they heard a strange popping sound, then noticed giant flames licking the sides and roof of the house. The fire, which was still being fought down in smaller spurts in early afternoon, caused nearly $700,000 in damage and rendered the home unlivable. "The house is a total loss," said Springville Police Lt. Dave Caron. "From the north east side corner, you can still see shingles and walls . . . but look at the north west side, then you see the house is missing. The house is gone — it's just a shell." No one was injured.