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Utah not deserving of ridicule

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The Washington Post sends a reporter thousands of miles to Randolph, Utah. The resulting story (Feb. 4) is filled with barely concealed disdain, condescension and amusement about the residents unfamiliar with the big city ways. Such traits as hard work, patriotism, self-reliance, honesty and religion are highlighted for silent ridicule.

Their impressions of Utah also tell us a lot about the Washington Post.

But don't look for stories about neighborhoods five miles from the Washington Post's headquarters. Maybe they approve of the many dangerous slums and the societal quirks, the essence of big-city values. The disintegration of the family, rampant crime and corruption, failed schools and a debilitating "owe me" welfare mentality from decades of living on the Democratic Party plantation.

Washington, D.C., voted 89.2 percent against Bush. Where would you rather live?

John Spangler

Salt Lake City