PROVO — Rescue crews retrieved three men from the cliff below Bridal Veil Falls in Provo Canyon early Monday.

On Sunday, two 19-year-olds and one 21-year-old were hiking below the falls, which sits above U-189, when they realized they were stranded.

"They got a little bit above and beyond their ability," said Utah County Sheriff's Sgt. Spencer Cannon.

He said it's easy to get stuck because technical skills and equipment are needed to maneuver through icy patches and scraggly paths — and it's much easier to get up than down.

The men, expecting a leisurely hike, he said, did not have any hiking equipment.

When the men realized they had misjudged the difficulty of the trail, they used a cell phone to call police.

Crews dropped supplies and light sleeping bags to the men, and search-and-rescue crews were sent to evaluate injuries, which were minor.

The rescue crew determined they could safely bring the men down and did so shortly after 1 a.m.