Lucille Ridd claims homosexuality causes death in several different ways (Readers' Forum, April 14), but her claims simply don't add up.

Homosexuals are capable of having stable and loving partnerships, even though denied marriage by people like Ms. Ridd. Studies show homosexuals, on average, tend to be more educated and make more money than heterosexuals. She claims in gays the spirit dies; but then why are so many gay people involved in religious, artistic and service communities? She claims gays die by disease. Gays die of disease in no higher numbers than heterosexuals. Lastly, she claims homosexuality will bring the death of the human race. Gay and lesbian people make up approximately 10 percent of the world population and have been a constant throughout all history.

Homophobia, not homosexuality, causes death. When will Ms. Ridd and others stop denying that intolerance and homophobia lead to horrific numbers of suicides?

Adam G. Bass

Salt Lake City