SYDNEY, Australia — Thirty-three LDS young adults from the greater Sydney region visited New South Wales Parliament House in March, where they met politicians, watched Question Time and learned about the parliamentary process.

The group was hosted by the Speaker of the Lower House, John Aquilina, who provided his guests with lunch while answering their questions about political life. He then publicly acknowledged the visitors in his opening remarks at the start of Question Time.

While an urgent debate in parliament prevented Mr. Aquilina from chairing a mock debate, Deputy Speaker John Price filled that role at short notice.

"Events like this provide an invaluable opportunity to help possible future leaders learn more about government and meet and speak with politicians," Mr. Aquilina told the young adults.

Commenting on the role young people will play in Australian politics, Mr. Aquilina said, "Australia needs young people with high moral values to be the leaders of tomorrow. They will face complex situations that will require a solid grounding in ethics, a solid grounding they need to acquire before they come into politics."

Mr. Aquilina also commended the group on their preparation. "This is by far the most prepared group that has come to this House and that has made their experience far more worthwhile."