Determined service to others and a willingness to press forward are ways to "grow up unto the Lord," said Sister Anne C. Pingree, second counselor in the Relief Society General Presidency, during the Sunday morning session.

"Helaman, the great Book of Mormon prophet, named his sons Nephi and Lehi after their forebears and 'they began to Grow up unto the Lord,' " said Sister Pingree. "Young or older, all of us must do the same."

She shared some examples of determined service she has observed. One was a pair of senior missionary sisters who precariously but doggedly navigated their car through inner-city streets until finally finding the home of a sister they were to teach to read and write.

Another example was a young mother in the same area who, as a visiting teaching trainer to new converts, taught two African sisters to adapt not only to their new country, but to their new religion as well.

Sister Pingree said, "Through her example, she taught these African sisters how the Lord would have us serve each other. . . . With each visit, the young mentor brought good cheer, a gentle helping hand, and the visiting teaching message.

"In time, together the sisters prepared the visiting teaching message to share in other sisters' homes."

In the same inner-city ward, Sister Pingree found the example of a loving bishop "who wasted no time despairing over the vast needs of an ever-growing number of new converts. Rather, he pressed forward by rallying more experienced (priesthood holders) to help prepare new converts from Africa and Latin America for their priesthood responsibilities."

Sister Pingree said those who do all they can do, and maybe more than they know how to do, to "grow up unto the Lord" will be blessed.