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Search continues for suspects of early morning shooting in Provo

Man waiting for ride to work injured; later released from hospital

PROVO — Provo police are still looking for two suspects connected with an early morning apartment shooting in Provo that left one man injured.

Police say Roger Gaisford, 45, approached a car in a parking lot at Willowbrook Hill Condominiums, 1600 Woodland Dr., Provo, Wednesday about 5:30 a.m., thinking his ride to work had arrived. Provo Police Capt. Rick Healey said Gaisford lives at the condominium complex.

When Gaisford reached the car, police say a man he knew, and another man, got out of the vehicle and shot Gaisford in the shoulder.

Police say they believe the two men were looking for money. However, Healey didn't specify what was taken from the victim.

The injured man returned to his home, where his wife called police with a description of the two men and the car. Gaisford was treated and released from an area hospital late Wednesday morning and was able to talk to police about the incident.

Taylorsville police stopped a car matching Gaisford's vehicle description about 6 a.m. near 7200 South and 300 West in Midvale, Taylorsville Sgt. Rosie Rivera said.

One man was taken into custody and later released. Two others, a man and a woman, fled the scene, police said.