Some of the words and terms featured in the glossary of "The Primer," published by the Utah and Arizona attorneys general.

clan: The general public sometimes uses this term for different fundamentalist groups or communities. Some fundamentalists consider this an offensive term and say care providers should avoid using it.

committed relationship: Polygamous relationships (not legal marriages) that a man has with the mothers of his children.

gentile: Anyone who does not have the priesthood or is not a member of the various fundamentalist groups. Some also refer to them as "outsiders."

keep sweet: An admonition to be compliant and pleasant despite the circumstances.

other mother: Children in polygamous families often use this term to refer to their biological mother's "sister-wives." It should be noted that "other mothers" might also be biologically related — such as an aunt, cousin, etc.

uncle: "Uncle" may refer to a biological uncle, an FLDS prophet or a title of respect or endearment to an elder in the family or community. Some children in the Kingston community call their own father "uncle" as a term of endearment or reportedly as a way of protecting the father's identity.