Nation of Islam leader Lewis Farrakhan visited the Navajo Nation last week as part of an outreach effort to indigenous nations.

During meetings with Navajo Nation President Joe Shirley Jr. and members of the Navajo Nation Council, Farrakhan offered assistance in economics, culture, social justice, moral development and political advancement. He also expressed a desire to unite black and indigenous people.

"I'm not a stranger," Farrakhan said in an address to the council. "I am your kith. I am your kin, and I've come to establish that relationship with the greatest indigenous people in America, the Navajo Nation. But from this we must unite the whole indigenous people to address the challenges we face as a people."

Shirley had invited Farrakhan to the four corners-area reservation when the two met for the first time in Phoenix last March.

"The United States is a super country but people are starving, hungry and poor," Shirley said. "Living conditions in some areas are atrocious. I'm reaching out to kin, wherever they are, asking for help."