I admire and respect Sen. Joe Lieberman, and there are not a lot of Democrats that I can say that about. I and many Republicans may disagree with him on many issues, but debates with him are always civil and intelligent. He epitomizes the term "loyal opposition."

His own party spent an obscene amount of time, effort and money (lots of money) to make sure that Lieberman didn't win his primary, and they will do the same to make sure he doesn't get re-elected. In short, the Democrat machine will risk giving Lieberman's seat in a narrowly divided Senate to a Republican rather than support their incumbent senator from Connecticut.

Lieberman committed the one mortal sin that no Democrat can atone for — he supports the president on the war. He wants the United States to win the war against terrorism and Islam fascism. With the reins of the Democratic Party in the hands of the anti-American left, is it any wonder that someone like Lieberman, a genuinely good man, would be given the "deep six"?

Not to me it isn't, but then I used to be a Democrat.

George E. Jones

Washington Terrace