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Neuter male cats for $10

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As a special farewell to summer, the Humane Society of Utah's veterinarians will neuter male cats for only $10 per animal, according to the organization's executive director, Gene Baierschmidt.

"This price is below our cost to do the surgery," he said, "and the clinic will be losing money. However, we're adamant in our position that it's the Humane Society's duty to do what is can to ease the pet overpopulation problem. Cats are by far among the most prolific breeders, and we want to stop the necessity of euthanizing healthy, adoptable felines."

The special will only be offered until all available appointments are booked up through the end of August, so

owners of male cats should call early to get in on this great deal. The society's clinic is located at 4242 S. 300 West, and appointments must be made in advance by calling 261-2919, ex. 230.

"We're hoping to help reduce the tremendous flood of unwanted kittens that comes steadily into the shelter from April to October," explained Baierschmidt. "One of the greatest and most shameful tragedies facing animal organizations throughout the state is the staggeringly high number of healthy, loving, innocent animals who must be euthanized because there aren't enough homes for them. The only sensible solution to the problem is to keep these animals from being born in the first place, and the only way to do that is to sterilize the adult animals.

"Paying $10 to make sure that your male cat never fathers a litter of kittens who will very probably have to be put to sleep is the bargain of the century," he says.

Call the shelter at 261-2919.