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Toll in war tops 900

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More than 900 people have been reported killed in Lebanon and Israel since fighting broke out July 12 between Israeli forces and Hezbollah guerrillas.

In Lebanon: At least 791 — including 689 civilians confirmed dead by Lebanese police, security officials, civil defense and hospital authorities, 34 Lebanese soldiers and 68 Hezbollah guerrillas, although others gave conflicting figures. The Lebanese government's Higher Relief Council said 1,071 Lebanese had been killed in the conflict. Israeli security officials said they have confirmed the deaths of 165 Hezbollah fighters and estimated that about 300 others had been killed.

In Israel: Authorities said 153 Israelis have been killed, including 114 soldiers and 39 civilians.


Four U.N. military observers killed when Israeli bomb hit their post.

A Nigerian civilian employee working with U.N. observers and his wife, also Nigerian, killed in border fighting.

One member of the Syrian-backed Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine General-Command killed in an Israeli airstrike on the organization's bases in southeastern Lebanon.

— Associated Press