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Kendra and Maliyah stronger every day

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Formerly conjoined twins Kendra and Maliyah Herrin are growing stronger every day, nearly three weeks after a marathon surgery to separate them at Primary Children's Medical Center.

"They're doing very well," said Bonnie Midget, hospital spokeswoman, Thursday afternoon. "Maliyah's more comfortable today."

Maliyah's wounds have not healed as quickly as Kendra's and she is also on dialysis because when they were joined at the abdomen, they shared Kendra's kidney. Doctors expect to transplant a donor kidney, most likely from her mother, in a few months.

The girls are the daughters of Jake and Erin Herrin of North Salt Lake.

It's not known how long the girls will remain in the pediatric intensive-care unit. They will be hospitalized for several weeks once they leave the unit.