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Car-laden ship righted after month on its side

SHARE Car-laden ship righted after month on its side

Crews have righted a ship loaded with new cars and SUVs that had keeled over onto its side a month ago in the north Pacific Ocean.

The Cougar Ace, which had been listing severely south of Alaska's Aleutian Islands, is being prepared for a tow to Portland, Ore., the Anchorage Daily News reported Saturday.

The ship listed to its port side July 23 as its crew was attempting to adjust the ship's ballast water.

The Singapore-flagged ship is loaded with nearly 5,000 Japanese-built Mazdas sold in the United States. The inventory consists of subcompacts and SUVS, Miatas and RX-8 sports cars, said Jeremy Barnes, a Mazda spokesman.

As far as the Coast Guard could determine, there was minimal damage to the cars, LoSciuto said. A naval architect was killed when he slipped and hit his head while aboard the then-sideways ship.