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War protects Americans

SHARE War protects Americans

As the mother of a son currently serving in Iraq, I wholeheartedly support Collette Gourley's assessment of Rocky Anderson (My View, Aug. 28) and the war effort. Anyone who read Jill Carroll's story, "Sectarian fight alters captor's focus" (Aug. 23) should get a clue.

Make no mistake. This is a war to protect Americans. You can't support the soldiers and not support the good things these brave people are trying to accomplish. They are fighting for our freedoms. Only those who have gone into a soldier's room to see if their scent still lingers on their pillow or their clothing can know the gut-wrenching feeling of the question, "What if he doesn't come home?" War is not for those with faint hearts or big mouths. They don't ask for your thanks, only for your support.

Kathy Whicker

West Jordan