The man accused of kidnapping and killing Destiny Norton will spend a couple of days at the offices of the Salt Lake Legal Defender Association next month.

An order to transport Craig Roger Gregerson from the Salt Lake County Jail to the Legal Defender Office, 424 E. 500 South, was filed in 3rd District Court last week. Gregerson is scheduled to meet with his attorneys all day on Sept. 7 and part of the day on Sept. 8, according to the court order.

Transporting prisoners outside of the jail to meet with their attorneys isn't that uncommon, said Salt Lake County Sheriff's Capt. George Nielsen. Often inmates will meet with their legal defender in a special, secure conference room at the Matheson Courthouse, he said. But about once a month or less, a person will be taken to the LDA's office directly.

"There are some cases where there's some unique part to it, like a test or evaluation that's hard to do at Matheson," Nielsen said. "The defense may have a whole case full of files. That makes it difficult logistically to do an interview anywhere but there."

A meeting at the LDA office is very well secured and will include "plenty of officers," he said.

Gregerson, 20, is accused of kidnapping 5-year-old Norton from her backyard on July 16, smothering her, and then hiding her body in his basement after sexually assaulting the girl.

His preliminary hearing is scheduled for Oct. 3.