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Property taxes to rise next year in Alpine

SHARE Property taxes to rise next year in Alpine

ALPINE — Property taxes will increase in Alpine next year to help provide more law enforcement.

The Alpine City Council passed a resolution for the 2006-2007 budget year allowing the city to collect additional taxes on homes that are revaluated by the county, rather than adjusting the the city's certified tax rate downward to keep revenues at existing levels. The tax rate will remain the same as last year's at 0.001091. Alpine homeowners will be paying about $16 more per year on average.

The decision is expected to generate nearly $57,000 for the city, which will be used to help hire three new police offices. The council will need to find an additional $68,287 from other sources to complete the proposed police department expansion.

The new officers would be assigned to the Lone Peak Public Safety District. Highland city, which is also part of the district is expected to share in the cost.