PROVO — A judge ruled Wednesday that a convicted kidnapper would not serve additional prison time for a second, separate kidnapping case.

Jimmy Guard, 28, was sentenced Wednesday in 4th District Court on two attempted kidnapping charges. He entered a no-contest plea to the charges.

He was accused of trying to lure two Springville girls into his car in 2004.

Usually, the two third-degree felony charges mean a maximum of five years in prison for each charge.

However, prosecutors and defense attorneys had a previous agreement that Guard would be able to serve his prison time concurrent with the sentence given for his first conviction. A jury in May found him guilty of trying to grab a Provo girl as she walked home from school.

Guard was sentenced Aug. 10 to 10-years-to-life for the first-degree felony charge of child kidnapping.

Judge Anthony Schofield said he was concerned about ensuring accountability for each case but opted to abide by the agreement.

The girls' mother spoke at sentencing and said how Guard's actions had turned her family's life into an "absolute hell."

"The last two years have been a considerable stress for me and my family," the Springville mother said. "Mr. Guard has shown no conscience. I don't know how to feel about that."