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Motorcyclist is injured in collision with car

MIDVALE — A motorcyclist was flown to LDS Hospital Sunday afternoon after he collided with a car attempting a U-turn on 7200 South.

The man was riding alongside his brother when the 2 p.m. crash occurred, said Midvale Police Sgt. Ken Jarvis. The two motorcycles were traveling on Main Street.

The two men, traveling about 15 feet apart, passed through a green light at 7200 South. The driver of a vehicle waiting to turn left unexpectedly pulled in front of the men. A slight hill and speed limits of 50 mph made it hard for the driver to see the cyclists, Jarvis said.

The first brother hit the car and badly broke his femur, Jarvis said. The second brother barely missed the turning vehicle. He stopped and called for help.

The driver was cited with making an improper turn, Jarvis said. The area of 7200 South and Main Street was closed for a few hours.