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Fire forces evacuation of Copper Hills High

WEST JORDAN — A small fire forced the evacuation of Copper Hills High School Tuesday.

Shortly after 10 a.m., someone set a locker in the boys' locker room on fire. By the time crews arrived at the school, 5445 New Bingham Highway (7800 South), an assistant principal had put out the small blaze with an extinguisher, said West Jordan Fire Battalion Chief Rodger Broome.

All of the school was evacuated after the fire was reported. The students were allowed back in about 15 minutes later.

Damage was limited to the one locker, Broome said. West Jordan police will work with the school to find the person or people responsible, he said.

Although it may seem like just a prank to some, Broome said the charges "are serious."

"Anytime a building that is occupied by others is set on fire, it's aggravated arson, a first-degree felony," Broome said.

Police say they have school surveillance video of the person they think started the fire.