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Israelis give help to Arabs

Nader Daoud, Associated Press

Dr. Alona Raucher Sternfel, left, pulls a device away from the hands of an Iraqi boy as his father holds him during an examination at the Red Crescent hospital in Amman, Jordan. Sternfel was one of three Israeli doctors who visited the hospital Tuesday and screened 40 Iraqi children suffering from heart disease in a rare instance of cooperation between the Jewish state and the Arab country. The doctors said they hoped their actions would improve relations between the two Mideast nations and ease tensions between Israel and the rest of the Arab world. Most of the families who brought children to the hospital were Sunni Muslims of Kurdish origin who live in northern Iraq. "They (Israelis) are not our enemies," Abu Ahmed, 36, a taxi driver from the northern Iraqi city of Kirkuk, said. "They helped me a lot and didn't make me feel like they were enemies. Many Muslims have a wrong idea about Israelis."