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Utah Valley Symphony to open season at Covey

Bryce Rytting is the conductor of the Utah Valley Symphony.
Bryce Rytting is the conductor of the Utah Valley Symphony.
Doug Martin Photography

PROVO — The Utah Valley Symphony will perform new music in a new hall during its 49th season.

Each concert will have three performances, with open seating on Tuesdays and reserved seating on Wednesday and Thursday evenings.

The season's first concert in its new home will be a tribute to A. Harold Goodman, conductor from 1963-66, who took the fledgling community orchestra from a small group of 30 musicians to 80 and organized the Utah Valley Symphony.

Beethoven's Sixth Symphony will highlight the season's opening concert. The program will also feature Bach's Brandenburg Concerto No. 1 and Stravinsky's "Petrushka."

"We surveyed the entire performance history of the Utah Valley Symphony," said conductor Bryce Rytting. "I was astonished and delighted to see just how much wonderful music still awaits a performance by our orchestra. The work that will surprise folks most is Beethoven's Pastoral Symphony (No. 6 in F major)."

Moving to the Covey Center for the Arts is a major but welcome change for the Utah Valley Symphony.

"The Utah Valley Symphony has a real affection for the Provo Tabernacle, which has been the orchestra's primary hall for decades," said Rytting. "But we expect the new hall to be delightful, too, and preferable in some ways. We've heard good things about the acoustics. We've been impressed by the way it looks, and it will be nice not to have to build a stage for every performance."

If you go . . .

What: Utah Valley Symphony tribute concert

Where: Covey Center for the Arts, 425 W. Center, Provo

When: 7:30 p.m. Oct. 16-18

Cost: $10/$8 students/$25 family

Phone: 852-7007