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Super sack lunches

There are ways to get the kids to eat their own sack lunch

SPANISH FORK — Amy Rasmussen works for a super critic when it comes to packing a sack lunch for school.

Her son Zac isn't easily impressed.

So for Zac's sake, Rasmussen has come up with a variety of ways to freshen up tired sack lunches.

"Anything different — orange slices, grapes, Goldfish crackers, pudding and Jell-O cups and fruit snacks. Soups are good. You want to pack things that won't be traded away or thrown away," said Rasmussen. "My son gets tired of the same old thing, and he's only in kindergarten."

To liven up the menu, Rasmussen uses different kinds of "bread"s like pita, crackers and bagels for her "sandwiches."

She includes a dip like peanut butter or Ranch dressing for cut, fresh vegetables or marinates them with Italian dressing.

"They eat them better that way," she said.

(To keep them separated she ties a plastic bag in two with a bread twist tie.)

Peanut butter and jelly on a frozen waffle is usually a hit as is cream cheese with a tomato and cucumber on a slice of pita bread.

Tortilla wraps turn an ordinary event like a ham or turkey and cheese sandwich into something more fun. Sometimes she slips in some salsa.

Sometimes Rasmussen cuts her son's sandwiches into a puzzle.

She always tucks in a juice box or Capri-Sun drink and a treat. She puts in small ice packs to keep things cool and inviting.

"Be creative and do different things," she advises. "Think about what you'd like to have."

Rasmussen works at Macey's grocery store in Spanish Fork and will be teaching a class on making Super Sack Lunches in the Little Theater. Check for a specific date at the store.