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2007 Itty Bitty Salt Lake City contest called hardest ever

The blisters are healing, none of the clues disappeared, and all in all it was a successful 2007 Itty Bitty Salt Lake City.

Jolene Anderson says that after all the hours of searching trying to solve this year's contest, she even lost weight.

Our 15th-annual Itty Bitty Salt Lake City was the hardest ever, according to some of the intrepid folks who walked — and rewalked — the 20 blocks of downtown trying to find the tiny fragments of architecture, signs and landmarks we pictured in the Deseret Morning News on Sept. 7.

According to the many desperate contestants who called the Deseret Morning News begging for help, the most frustrating clues were No. 3 ("Y149": a small black-and-yellow occupancy sign outside Dinwoody Plaza) and No. 11 ("HI": part of the address in the sidewalk at 300 South and 300 East).

For some Itty Bittyers, the contest has become a ritual. The Daniel Goodsell family has participated for 11 years. Pete and Vickie Holmgren say they are "totally addicted" to the contest. Myrna Forbes wrote that her husband got the family hooked on Itty Bitty; and even though he passed away in 2001, she wrote, "our family keeps up the tradition. ... Gives us good memories."

In a random drawing of 122 correct entries, this year's winners are:

Grand prize (a $2,000 6-month CD from Zions Bank): Scott and Natalie Peterson of Salt Lake City, and their two young daughters, Abby and Claire.

Second prize (a lemon citrine David Yurman necklace, valued at $610, courtesy of O.C. Tanner): Jeff Allison of Salt Lake City, and his contest buddies Mark Linnell, Charlie Mosher and Farook Khan.

Third prize (a stay for two at the Peery Hotel, a $100 gift certificate to Ruth's Chris Steakhouse and Utah Symphony tickets for two): Daniel Stober of West Jordan.

Fourth prize (a ceramic vase by Joseph Pesina, courtesy of IAO Gallery, valued at $85, a $30 Gastronomy gift certificate and a $25 gift certificate from Sam Weller's Zion Bookstore): Taylor Acton of Provo.

Fifth prize (a $50 Fanzz gift certificate and two tickets to the University of Utah vs. San Diego State football game): Linda Clark of North Salt Lake.

The answers:

Clue 1: awning, Cafe Pierpont, 122 W. Pierpont Ave.

Clue 2: address, Martine, 22 E. 100 South

Clue 3: occupancy sign, Dinwoody Plaza, 55 W. 100 South

Clue 4: decoration, The Belvedere, 29 S. State

Clue 5: Pygmalion Theatre Company poster in window, Rose Wagner Center, 138 W. 300 South

Clue 6: tile sculpture, Abravanel Hall, West Temple side

Clue 7: sign, Kayo Gallery, 177 E. 300 South

Clue 8: stonework, Alta Club, 100 E. South Temple

Clue 9: detail of Pony Express Monument, 163 S. Main

Clue 10: sign, Presto Print, 228 Edison

Clue 11: sidewalk, corner of 300 South and 300 East

Clue 12: fence, The Hotel, 155 W. 200 South

Clue 13: sign, The Robin's Nest, 311 S. Main

Clue 14: sign, Sicilia Pizza, 111 E. 300 South

Clue 15: pillars, Abravanel Hall, South Temple side

Clue 16: bike rack, Carl's Jr., 200 South and State

Clue 17: sign, Borge Andersen Photo, 234 S. 200 East

Clue 18: sign, Children's Theatre School, 237 S. State

Clue 19: logo, Takashi, 18 W. Market Street

Clue 20: sign, Honest Cleaners, 218 S. 300 East

Clue 21: sign, Esther's Cafe, 30 E. 300 South

Clue 22: sign, The Red Door, 57 W. 200 South

Clue 23: sign, Himalayan Kitchen, 73 E. 400 South