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Watergate journalist chides speedy reporters

Carl Bernstein took reporters at a news conference to task for not spending enough time on stories when he found out many weren't staying to listen to his speech.

Bernstein, who, along with reporter Bob Woodward, broke the Watergate scandal that helped bring down the Nixon administration, spoke to journalists before a speech Wednesday at Indiana University-Purdue University Fort Wayne.

When he asked how many reporters were covering his evening speech, many said they were not, citing early deadlines.

Bernstein then criticized reporters for rushing from event to event and not taking the time to do in-depth stories — even if they had to work off the clock.

"If you're going to do in-depth stories, you're going to do them on your own time," Bernstein said. He also urged reporters to be good listeners.

"I think it's really the most important lesson of all," Bernstein said.