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Toddler's body found in Lake Powell waters

Kamberlie Binks
Kamberlie Binks

The body of 3-year-old Kamberlie Binks was found Thursday afternoon in the waters of Lake Powell.

Kane County Sheriff Lamont Smith said Binks' body was found about 30 feet from her parents' houseboat, and at a water depth of about 110 feet. State police dive teams found her body.

"It was terrible," Smith said this afternoon. "The state has that side-scan sonar. They were setting it down on the bottom, and they hit the right spot. They saw her on their images."

The South Jordan toddler vanished from the Bullfrog Marina at Lake Powell on Monday as her parents worked on a houseboat there. Deputies said the parents turned their backs for a minute on Binks and her 4-year-old brother, and when the parents turned around, she was gone.

A sighting of a blonde-haired girl in the company of some adults prompted authorities to begin questioning if she had been abducted. An endangered person advisory was put out across Utah on Wednesday night.

Thursday, rangers at the Glen Canyon National Recreation Area said a family with a girl similar to Kamberlie's description came forward.

"There was enough of a similarity that perhaps somebody could have mistaken her for Kamberlie. We believe the girl in question was this local girl who was with her family at the time at the marina," said National Park Service spokeswoman Marianne Karraker.

Smith said they kept the endangered person advisory active just in case, but kept their search focused on the waters of Lake Powell.

"All the evidence we had pointed directly at the water," the sheriff said. "Our hearts go out to the family. It's terrible."