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Parking editorial helpful

Great! Thanks to your editorial on handicapped parking stalls, I will spend the next six or eight months explaining to strangers that, yes, I am handicapped ("Take back the parking stalls," Oct. 11). No, I don't usually need a wheelchair or scooter. No, I don't have any part of my body that looks different. I know I look great and very healthy, but my post-polio doesn't show. It just keeps me in constant pain and walking any distance is very difficult.

I spent over 40 days in the Provo hospital just for fun. I went septic and got three different infections that put me in ICU twice. I still have a hole in my stomach that a nurse comes to my house to dress. But, hey, yell at me anyway. I am finally over crying. Now I just respond, "You don't look stupid either, so looks just don't tell the whole story, do they."

Just give us a break. We got those tags for a reason.

Betty Jean Cozzens-Knudsen