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Details released in Salt Lake slaying last month

A pair of search warrants released Friday revealed new details about the slaying of a 39-year-old Salt Lake woman in September.

The body of Maria Del Carmen Rosas-Sanchez was found in her apartment, 1054 N. Victoria Way (940 West) on Sept. 9.

She was found in a bedroom with a pillow covering her face. When officers removed the pillow, they found a pair of men's boxer shorts tied around Rosas-Sanchez's eyes and a gunshot wound under her chin, according to the search warrant.

Rosas-Sanchez had been dead for about 24 hours when her body was found, according to court documents. The last person to be seen with her was Guadalupe Martinez, 32, her live-in boyfriend, on Sept. 8, the search warrant states.

Since the slaying, police have been looking for Martinez, last seen driving a red 1997 Ford F-150 with an extended cab and Utah license plate 935 UNJ.

Although they were apparently living together at the time of the slaying, friends of Rosas-Sanchez said the two had a history of domestic-violence problems, and she filed for a protective order against him in 2005, according to court documents.

Court documents state that Martinez sexually abused Rosas-Sanchez and was "extremely jealous" of other men, at one point telling Sanchez that if he couldn't have her, no one else could either, according to court documents.

Police are also looking for Martinez's cousin, 33-year-old Rafael Gutierrez. Martinez and Gutierrez reportedly hung out together constantly, according to court documents.

Police searched Gutierrez's basement apartment, 302 S. Post St. (940 West) shortly after the slaying. When officers arrived, they learned from the landlord that during the early morning hours of Sept. 9, Gutierrez quickly left, reportedly for Mexico, citing a "family emergency," the search warrant says. He was seen driving away with Martinez.

The landlord later turned a bag of garbage over to police that Gutierrez had placed on the curb. In the bag, investigators found mail belonging to both cousins and the victim, pictures of all three people and a plastic bag full of bullets. The bullets matched the type with which Rosas-Sanchez was shot. The shirt Gutierrez was wearing that night also was found in the trash, the search warrant states.

Anyone with information about the case can call Salt Lake police at 799-INFO.