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St. Joseph dominates N. Sevier

OGDEN — Sometimes in sports, teams just know when the chips are stacked against them and this was one of those times. St. Joseph's girls soccer team dominated North Sevier 13-0 to take home a shutout victory in Saturday's quarterfinals of the Class 2A state soccer tournament.

Four different Jayhawks scored multiple goals in the blowout. Sophomore Michelle Howe, who led the way with four goals, was part of a second-half blitz that eliminated any chance for the Wolves to come back.

Howe said that when the scoring opportunities came her way, she just reacted.

"I didn't really think too much about it — once I got up there (in scoring position)," she said. "I just kind of weaved in and out and said 'Whew!"'

The savvy Jayhawks team took a 5-0 lead into halftime and never looked back. Howe's goal in the 12th minute of the game gave St. Joseph's an early 1-zip lead, but minutes later teammates Alex Shaw and Tauna DeHaan tacked on goals to give the home team a 3-0 lead 15 minutes into the game.

In its first season of competitive soccer, North Sevier was no match for the quicker St. Joseph's squad. That fact was evident throughout the game, but back-to-back goals from Jennifer Beaudoin in the 33rd and 38th minutes put the game out of reach heading into the break.

St. Joseph's coach Alex Salvo pumped up his squad at halftime in an effort to keep the team focused. It paid off as the Jayhawks continued to roll, scoring eight more goals in the second half.

"We started slow. We were a little rusty in the first half, so I talked to them at halftime and we tried to solve some problems. They were not doing the things they were supposed to," Salvo said. "In their minds, it was going to be a walk in the park, and I didn't want that."

The Jayhawks managed to outshoot North Sevier 55-0 for the game.

Besides Howe, other players stepped up in the winning cause. Junior Jennifer Beaudoin scored four goals, and sophomore Jackie Bafford chipped in with two goals to help St. Joseph's advance.