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TV anchor apologizes for ignoring 'red flags'

PROVO — A television sports anchor has issued an apology for failing to research the financial background of an alluring proposition that ended up being a house-flipping scheme.

"There are so many little things I could have done ... things that I could have seen as maybe red flags," said Dave Fox, a 20-year-employee of KUTV, in an interview with the news station Thursday. "Have an attorney read a document. Google search people. Ask around. And I didn't do any of that."

Fox took a plea-in-abeyance deal on Sept. 26, in which he pleaded guilty to communications fraud and agreed to testify against others in what officials have called a house-flipping conspiracy ring.

Fox allegedly falsified loan documents in order to obtain homes he intended to sell quickly but never live in.

Fox admitted he put himself in a bad situation and said he is doing everything he can to make things right.

Several other individuals, including real estate appraisers, mortgage brokers, title insurance agents and investors, are being investigated for higher levels of involvement, said Joe Christensen, director of the State Insurance Fraud Division.

Fox's attorney said Fox was the actual victim and didn't realize what he was getting into until a week after the home had been purchased.

Fox told KUTV he hopes others can learn from his mistakes.

"I hope that perhaps what I've gone through will be publicized enough where it will help some people who are either making this decision or have recently made this decision," he said.

Fox was on administrative leave from KUTV 2 News for several weeks, but KUTV recently decided to allow him to return to his position.