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Survey favors smoking ban

OGDEN — Results of a Weber-Morgan Health Department survey taken at the Weber County Fair reveal there is significant public support for banning all forms of tobacco from public parks and outdoor facilities, health educators said.

Of the 583 survey participants, 60 percent said they want a total tobacco ban at all outdoor venues, 29 percent approve of designated smoking areas and 8 percent want only smoking products banned. Three percent favor no restrictions at all.

The survey was taken during all four days of the fair, August 8-11.

"Given that the Weber-Morgan health district has one of the highest smoking rates in the state, the results were encouraging," said Anna Guymon, health educator with the Weber-Morgan Health Department. "We hope our city and county leaders will see that the public is interested in protecting themselves from secondhand smoke."

A majority of survey participants said they believe secondhand smoke is irritating and causes health problems.

The volunteer survey participants included 410 females and 173 males over the age of 12. Eleven percent of those surveyed said they currently use tobacco products.