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New DMV office in Davis has drive-up lanes

FARMINGTON — Don't feel like getting out of your car to re-register it? Maybe you've got all the kids and you don't want to stand in line?

The new Department of Motor Vehicles office in Farmington, which opened Tuesday at 969 W. Clark Lane, features two drive-through lanes.

You'll still need to go into the 5,700-square-foot, $1.46 million building if you need a license plate, because they haven't figured out how to get the plates through the vacuum tube delivery system.

But once inside, you take a number and you can sit in one of 50 chairs while waiting your turn.

Officials recommend visiting during the middle of the month, at which time you shouldn't have much of a wait at all, as there are 11 service counters.

Davis County authorized construction of the building in December to free up space in the Davis County Memorial Courthouse, where the DMV office is known to get quite warm at the beginning and ends of each month as people rush to register their vehicles at the last minute.

Rod Marrelli, executive director of the Utah State Tax Commission, which controls vehicle registrations, said he looked for years for a suitable location to serve a rapidly expanding Davis County.

He said during the building's ribbon-cutting that he's glad to keep the DMV "in a central location where we can do a job the citizens of Davis County need to be done."

Davis County bonded for the building and will own it, while the state has a 20-year lease. During that time, the state will pay off the county's bonds, said Barry Burton, Davis County's assistant director of economic development.

On Friday, Burton said, the building didn't look like it would be ready for Tuesday's opening. Paving was finished last Monday, and workers installed a ceiling in the drive-through's canopy.

"I had a lot of people make fun of me for building a building out of Styrofoam," Burton said.

The DMV's outside walls are insulated concrete forms, ICFs, which are foam blocks about the size of cinder blocks. They are filled with concrete for strength but manage to insulate better than the insulation in most homes, said the building's architect, John Hogan.

"People don't want to be here," Hogan said.

So patrons should expect to be more comfortable in this DMV than in the old offices, and not only with the temperature.

He also designed the lobby to rely mostly on natural light instead of artificial lights, which hang high overhead.

The building's construction went rapidly, Hogan said, but it wasn't without problems. It came in about $7,000 over budget, which wasn't helped when it cost $46,000 to excavate an extra 18 inches where the parking lot now sits. Then clean fill dirt had to be brought in.

It turns out the area was farmland, and the parking lot area seems to have been widespread with manure, not the best soil for constructing a parking lot, Burton said.

Farmington office

969 W. Clark Lane

Farmington, UT 84025

Phone: 801-297-7780

Toll free: 800-DMV-UTAH

Office hours: 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday