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Logan man hospitalized after police stand-off

A man was hospitalized after being Tasered, shot with bean-bags and finally arrested after a three hour stand-off with Logan police.

Logan Police Capt. Eric Collins said the stand-off began Sunday afternoon when a 34-year-old man assaulted his sister at a home near 200 South and 300 East.

"We attempted to contact him and he threatened officers with a knife," Collins said Monday. "So officers backed off, attempted to contact him again and he then came at them with some kind of a hammer."

Collins said officers used a Taser on the man, which had no effect.

"So they deployed the bean bags, and still no effect," he said.

Bean bags are a less-than-lethal type of force fired from a gun that police use to try to apprehend a violent suspect.

Police said the man then barricaded himself inside the home, putting a mattress up against one of the doors. SWAT teams were called out and a three hour stand-off ensued. Finally, SWAT teams used flash grenades to distract the man and broke into the home, taking him into custody without any further incident, Collins said.

The man's sister was taken to the hospital where she was treated for bruises, a head contusion and cuts from a knife. Police said the man was also taken to a hospital to be treated for injuries he suffered from the less-than-lethal bean-bags.

"He got hit six times with the bean-bags, in the chest, abdomen," Collins said.

When he is released, Collins said the man faces multiple charges, including attempted murder and aggravated assault.