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Syracuse referendum issue to be debated

SYRACUSE — A political group concerned about the upcoming Syracuse referendum on the city's form of government in the Nov. 6 general election will sponsor a public debate on the issue Thursday at 7 p.m. in the Syracuse High Auditorium, 665 S. 2000 West.

Troy Barber, president of the Citizens for Syracuse group, is organizing the event. He's hoping for a healthy debate that will cover both sides of the controversial issue.

Currently, the city has a mayor/CEO form of government. The referendum would switch the city to the traditional system, which most cities in Utah have — with a city manager position and with the mayor having less power.

Barber said he was not permitted to advertise the event in the October city newsletter, but is hoping for a turnout of 400 or more people. The auditorium will seat about 1,400.